Jaquel Bath Fitting


The Unique faucet Co. born from VARDHMAN group. Since last 20 years VARDHMAN group is engaged with Ceramic Tiles manufacturing. VARDHMAN group is also engaged with Real Estate Business. After success of other business now we have started faucet manufacturing with the brand name of Jaquel, with the mission of design, manufacture, and deliver excellent faucet of the industry that meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer. Jaquel made exhaustive range of faucets, shower and fittings for every style interior, from classic period contours to sculptural modern designs.

Jaquel offers in different design and style in faucets. Wide range of products is unique identity of Jaquel. Manufacturing plant of Jaquel is located at chhatar near Rajkot. Jaquel apply modern technology and expert manpower to produce an excellent faucet. Production is a symbiosis between advanced technology, maximum functionality and aesthetic designing to match the taste of the discerning clientele. We never negotiate with quality, it's identity of any company. Not only sales but customer satisfaction is also priority for us. Service is keen point of Jaquel. Our expert and train technician across India provide prompt after sales service to customers. We believe that quality consists of products and services, which is why, we are committed to continuous improvement through technology, innovation, and world class quality management systems for superior customer satisfaction.